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Seraphim is my new dark fantasy project that I created with the experience I gained during the creation of Cursed. Inspired by stories like Claymore and Attack on Titan I have partnered up with a writer (James Roughton) to give Seraphim a more professional, larger scale feel to my art. The story follows Lilith Moore as she joins the elite "Demon" hunting, military force known as the Seraphim. I plan to get this comic updating three times a week but as of now it's closer to around two pages a week (On Saturdays and Tuesdays) due to my work load right now :D "We are the Seraphim, the Saviours of this world; hand-picked by the king himself to personally put an end to the Drey, or as they are more commonly know the Demons. They are creatures that are not bent on wiping humanity off the face of this planet but instead on using us... feeding on us. Humanity will no longer run, we will no longer hide and we will no longer be slaughtered like cattle. It is time for us to fight back; its time to leave the shadow of fear forever." - Lady Theresa, First of the Seraphim 1026 IE


» Seraphim launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Seraphim! Comics coming soon!

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